Sigh… February.  Though the month of February should actually be known for its being  the coldest month of the year, it is instead known for love. That day


By David III Teniers

coined as ‘Valentine’s Day’, sets the stage for the entire month. (Note to all of you: I read and re-read the lines above to ensure I was not sounding too single and bitter). So, with this being the month of ‘Valentines’, and even though I refuse to do a ‘wines to pair with Valentine’s Day’ post, I will do this; I will commit to covering Italian reds this month, in light of  the Martyr Valentine’s life work in Italy.  More specifically, we’ll do our best to find wines from areas that follow the route of Via Flaminia, which is an ancient Italian road, and is said to be the same road that Saint Valentine was buried.

The path of Via Flaminia touches wine regions such as Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, and with over 20 wine regions in Italy, this gives us a fantastic way to not only commemorate Saint Valentine, but to also try wines from a somewhat manageable subsector of the wine producing areas in Italy.

You can keep track of the wines we’ve covered here.