Pie de Palo

Living in Ontario, Canada, one of the things I marvel at is how wine  is sold so cheaply here in the US. I understand taxes and tariffs in Canada, especially Ontario liquor, can be exorbitant when compared to others, but the fact of the matter is we see very few wines available in our stores for less than $9.99.  Being in Maine this week, and looking at the wines I’ve been offered and doing a bit of post consumption research, I’ve noted that some of them that I thought were not bad while sipping, can actually be purchased for $6.99 here.  Once being enlightened with this bit of news, you know I had to ask myself, would I have picked this bottle up on my own, or would I have been scared away from the value wine section in the grocery store all together?  (You should also know the concept of selling wines in grocery stores does not exist in Ontario!!). One of the wines I had, where post consumption research was performed was a Malbec by Pie de Palo, 2011 and from Mendoza Argentina.

On colour, the Pie de Palo Malbec 2011 holds a bright ruby red hue. On the nose, some minerality and spice are noticed, and it is not until you start to drink this wine that you experience what this wine has to offer.  On the palate, the fruit forwardness of this wine rings through vibrantly as tastes of red berries, cherry and tempered tannins makes it an enjoyable casual sipper.  And to answer your question, no I would not have thought to pick this Malbec up on my own, largely because I would have gazed outside of the $6.99 isle…

This wine is not available in the LCBO

We gave this wine a score of 3.5 out of 5.