Castel Sole Verdicchio

This marks the third wine covered as we travel our way up the Via Flaminia, the resting place of Saint Valentine. Today’s wine comes from the Marche region in Italy, one of the three regions we’re covering this month, and it is called, Castel Sole Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2011, with a DOC designation.

Italy’s Marche region, falls under the list of one of the 20 wine regions here that are rarely talked about in the western world, but it, in fact, does produce a plethora of wines coming from 13 grape varieties, with Verdicchio being one of the most common.  It is often argued that the Verdicchio grape is indigenous to the region of Marche.

On colour, Castel Sole Verdicchio 2011 holds a pale straw hue.  On the nose,  sweet scents of honey, hazelnut and light citrus are present. On the palate, bountiful acidity, apricot,  pear, and green apple create a crisp, clear and refreshing drink. A fantastic sipper that one of our friends coins as the ‘mature’ relative to  Vinho Verde.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $15.95

We gave this wine a 4 out of 5.