This past Christmas, I got a wine bottle opener as a gift from a friend, for which I was grateful as it was clear they put some thought into the gift, knowing my love of wine.  When I got it home and in my kitchen, I looked at my existing corkscrew and thought “the old one works just fine”, and left the more shiny and newer wine opener in the box. [Sorry friend if you’re reading this…]  It was not until I was entertaining last week and a guest saw the fancy wine opener, still in it’s box, and made a comment about it’s ‘fanciness‘ that I thought to pull it out and give it a try.  Well, let’s just say that ever since, the old corkscrew has been sitting idle.  I have come to be quite fond of my lever corkscrew, even though I am told I should be using a waiter style corkscrew, but ah screw that (get it…).  Nonetheless, this new love affair with wine opener #2 got me thinking about what other nifty wine opening devices exist out there and as a result, below is a collection of some doozies I’ve come across that you may find entertaining.

Electric Wine OpenerThe Electric Rabbit Opener $50.00

From Metrokane

Comes in black, silver or red as shown here.  You simply charge it and go.  As you use it, the LCD screen shows how many additional cork screw pulls you have on that charge. Won’t you be a part of the Jones’ with a gadget like this…





AnnaGOpener The Anna G Opener $65

From Mendini Alessandro

A friend of mine actually has this one and she loves it! The cutesy design matches her personality perfectly.  Though she does complain that people don’t seem to take her seriously when opening a bottle of wine with this epicene accessory . This opener comes in a plethora of colours, so if you’re looking to use this as a hostess gift, you are in luck.








houdiniThe Houdini $29.95

From Metrokane

Not only are they nifty in appearance, they’re now pulling out all the stops with naming this stuff too. This opener is called the ‘Houdini’ because with it, you’ll be able to open up a bottle of wine in 3 seconds… hmm.







tuskWarthog Tusk Wine Opener $270.00

See Details


Perfect for the outdoorsy man in your life, but could become a bit of an eyesore on your bar/kitchen.