Castello Di Querceto Chianti Classico Reserva 2008

For a Saturday afternoon with friends just shooting the breeze you would have thought I would have selected something different for our conversation and wine pairing, but knowing the audience in tow, I choose Castello Di Querceto Chianti Classico Riserva 2008. It was a perfect choice, given that we’re featuring wines from regions along the La Flaminia in Italy¬†and because I was told my friends wanted a full bodied red, with refined tannins. This Tuscan treat was more than a formidable solution for our impromptu get together.

On colour, this Sangiovese holds a deep ruby red. On the nose, scents of green pepper, and plum. On the palate, minerality, tobacco, red berries and vanilla are present. This is a complex wine that really falls into its own after 45 to 50 minutes of breathing.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $27.95
We gave this wine a score of 3.75 out of 5.