What do a 8ft long hero sandwich and a collection of Toronto’s finest culinary marvels have in common? How about a way to kick off the 2013 Terroir Symposium ‘For the Love of Food’.

Terroir Symposium Hero Sandwich

Yesterday, Biff’s restaurant was the location, Ivy Knight from Swallow Food was our host and lunch curator, Mike Laba, from Muskoka Brewery provided the ale while a bevy of chefs lent a hand in creating a 8ft long hero sandwich delight.

The Terroir Symposium lunch event was held to give a sneak peek into what Symposium goers can expect at the 7th Annual Terroir Hospitality Industry Symposium, scheduled for April 8, 2013.  The lunch theme at the upcoming event will take from the ‘lunch counter’ idea, which we all equate with that one memorable neighbourhood or downtown diner that serves the best sandwiches and sides, in town!   Though we’re no stranger to the warm feeling a good sandwich can brood inside, we still had to ask host Ivy Knight “why a sandwich?”.

“I was just in New York and saw [ate] a lot of Hero’s and Hoagie’s. I had some really good stuff. They were more than what we here call just a sandwich. So, I thought it would be an interesting thing to do”.

Terroir is Canada’s leading hospitality industry symposium that brings together influential chefs, food writers, wine and food experts and business leaders with a mandate is to educate, network, share resources and build the community that helps to strengthen the industry. This year’s symposium is taking place Monday, April 8th, 2013 and is called “For the Love of Food: Stories, Memories & Culture”.  Our wine readers will also be glad to know that Adam Mason from Mulderbosch Winery, in South Africa, will be at this year’s Symposium, leading 1 1/2 long wine tasting session.  “Even though these people speaking and presenting at Terroir are big deals in our industry, it is an intimate setting, where you could be enjoying a glass of wine  a few feet from the presenters” said Knight.

The 7th annual Terroir Symposium is more than shaping up to be the spring event where food and wine lovers, industry pundits and hobbyists of the like will want to be. Sandwich anyone?

Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery at the Terroir Symposium TO’s Biggest Hero Sandwich event

Terroir Symposium TO's Biggest Hero Event
The prep for TO’s Biggest Hero Sandwich