The impact of social media and social platforms on a brands ability to stay top of mind and relevant is an indisputable fact, and wine brands are not absolved from this international social engagement necessity, either.  In Italy, a study commissioned by the National Association of Women and Wine, Viralbeat and the Centro Studi Digital Ethnography, to look at just how much the world of social media and wine really intertwine.  The research was collected from over 7,000 posts taken from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Some of the highlight results from the study:

  • For network users, wine is first and foremost a cultural object of daily consumption , before being related to brand or company
  • On Twitter, Instagram and on blogs, the presence of a clearly identifiable community of wine lovers
  • From the conversations analysed there were three major cultural meanings associated with the consumption of wine: ‘Wine Organic and Sustainable’, ‘Importance of packaging’, ‘Women and Diet’

The Viralbeat infograph below provides a visual depiction of the 12 most active Italian wine brands on social media platforms; data all gathered from the over 7,000 posts reviewed fro the study.  You can access the full report on the Viralbeat blog.

Top Italian Wine Brands on Social Media