Canada Day Wines

Oh Canada Day. With every year it arrives, the festivities of cottaging, barbecuing, and just all round revelry shines its formidable head.  But,  no matter how much we as Canadaians celebrate who we are, vocaly, it nee ceases to amaze me how those not from Canada know so little about us.

Today’s post is not only dedicated to teaching others useful tidbits about Canada, but it’s also where I reveal  my planned wine list for this Canada Day!

What I am drinking this Canada Day Long Weekend

Angel’s Gate Mountainview Chardonnay – will be paired with my currently marinating pork burgers

Jean Gelier Pinot Grigio  – an alternate for our pork burgers

Clos de Nouys Vouvray – this will be paired with a salmon

Izumi Red from Between the Lines Winery – a wine we’ll gladly pair with our steak


Now, for lighter fare, watch as Rick Mercer talks to some Americans about supposed Canadian issues…