Whether you’ve followed me on Twitter or Facebook or have just come to this site and are looking at the time stamp on these posts, you will see that I have been away from it all for some time. You see, I went on a massive health trip that included cutting out alcohol and other delectables I had come to indulge on (cheese, chocolates, cakes, you get the picture…).  I tried desperate to find a way to do both; continue in my exploration of wine through non-oral consumption based ways and keep to track on forming this new ‘healthy Beverly’, but I couldn’t. Every time I read up on a new vintage or browsed the shelves of stores to buy wines as gifts for others, it would pain me that I could not share in things that I was sure would be a winning experience.  So, given all of this, I decided to step back, all the way.

Now, a year and some has passed, and I can safely report that a month has not gone by where I haven’t thought about my love of wine. My love of the art and the artists behind the wines I love.  My year and some away from ‘it’ all also taught me a bit about balance, and I realize now that I could never be balanced without including the things that make me happy and marvel me. The things I find so interesting that staying up late nights to research terroir of an area seems like the best fun ever. This is why I am back documenting the wines I meet and share moments with.  This is where I will continue to scribe the wines I love and the wines I am more, well, challenged with.

Despite my reprieve and now return, I certainly hope that you will opt in to take part on this wine journey with me. I guarantee and promise that it will be honest, funny at times, but most of all heartfelt.

Now, let’s resume.