When I was first introduced to Viognier, I fell in love immediately.  There was something about it’s aromatic nature and full bodied flavour that roped me in at first sip. Given my fascination with the grape, it drove further exploration into what was required to produce this wine. Viognier, as it stands, proves to be one of the most arduous varietals to produce, and given its rebellious nature, it has become classed as one of the most unprofitable and difficult wines to cultivate to market. So, call it ambitious or foolish, but as we get into Spring and the urge to portray some loveable whites becomes my thing, I have chosen to dedicate the month of March to Viognier exploration, my arguably best white wine love.

Viognier Wine Facts

  • Viognier is a white wine
  • Its origins are claimed to be from Croatia, but most origin accounts place it in the Rhône Valley in the region of Condrieu
  • Viognier can now be found in many new world wine regions such as Australia, New Zealand, California and Virginia
  • The Viognier grape nearly became extinct in the 1960’s and then again in the mid-1980’s
  • Through DNA analysis, we have come to learn that Viognier is a cousin of the Syrah grape
  • As a native of Caribbean and the frequent indulger of spicy foods, Viognier acts as a fantastic family event white wine pairing option
  • Viognier has been called voluptuous
  • Finally, Viognier is pronounced vee-o-nyay

Despite the difficulties found in producing Viognier wines, or maybe because of it, there is something about the attitude of this grape that when cultured the right way, picked at the right time, and cared for as it desires, makes it an unmistakeable gem.

I do hope our focus on Viognier this month or even this post alone, will spark your inquisitive nature enough to pick up a bottle of Viognier yourself.

Viognier Wines reviewed this month

Gnarly Head Viognier 2013

  • The folks at Gnarly Head speak of their triumphant Zinfandels, but I would have to say their Viognier is worth sounding the trumpets too.

Henry of Pelham 2010 Family Tree White

  • This is a must try and will be gracing one of two of our upcoming patio meet-ups.

Code Inspiration Viognier 2013

  • We paired this wine with pork belly sandwiches, and it was a match made in heaven.

Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier Shiraz – Viognier 2012

  • This is a fantastic showing of what Central Victoria, Australia has to offer by way of a Shiraz – Viognier blend.