If you were brewing over what you would use to partake in libations in space, have no fear, Kickstarter project Zero Gravity Cocktail Project has you covered.

The group has created a martini glass inspired contraption that allows the drinker to ensure the liquid hits their mouth, by using an ‘open air’ drinking methodology that is conducive the space travel environments.

We are also hoping to inspire the idea of a future when space hotels are in orbit and settlements are on other planets that people can relax and enjoy the experience of a quality drink, no matter what the gravity!

The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is looking to raise $30,000 and at the point of writing this post have amassed 54 backers and a total of $2,400 in pledges.

If your libation consumption in space is something that keeps you up at night, or if you share Zero Gravity’s ideas of the future, you may want to consider making a pledge.