Ever wonder how your wine, beer and spirits consumption compares to the world or even your fellow countryman? The team at Ghost in the Data have comprised a handy interactive visual that sheds some light on the topic.

Wine Consumption

When it comes to drinking wine, it looks like France, Portugal and Italy are leading the pack.  Denmark surprised me upon review, as I had always assumed beer would take a larger share of libation consumption than this data shows us.

wine consumption by country

France Consumption Per Week

  • Wine –  1067 ml
  • Beer – 854 ml
  • Spirits – 132 ml

Denmark Consumption Per Week

  • Wine – 804 ml
  • Beer – 1508 ml
  • Spirits – 71 ml


Consumption in North America

In North America, it looks like we’re busy drinking our hops, but prefer wine over spirits, especially in Canada.

Canada Consumption Per Week

  • Wine – 290 ml

    Alcohol consumption map by country

  • Beer – 1615 ml
  • Spirits – 106 ml

United States Consumption Per Week

  • Wine – 242 ml
  • Beer – 1674 ml
  • Spirits – 137 ml

To get the most out of Ghost in the Data’s interactive map, hover over your country to see how well it describes you and your libation of choice.