If your movie tastes are anything like mine, crime stories and shoot em’ up flicks, then Gallo Be Thy Name will capture you from the very beginning.

Gallo Be Thy Name is a non-fiction narrative of the Gallo wine families start, through to present day dominance in the U.S. wine industry. It begins by sharing the obscure and not fully articulated story of the death of Earnest and Julio Gallo’s parents, given their (the brothers father and uncle) relationship with the mob in the Capone era. Right – rather Quinton Tarantino! This book gives you insight into the journey of Earnest and Julio Gallo as they rose to dominate the U.S. wine market throughout the years. You’ll learn of Earnest’s crude and sometimes dangerously cavalier business nature, Julio’s heartened pledge to be true to wine making, and America’s path to wine acceptance.

Gallo Be Thy Name also does a great job paying homage to the current Gallo generation and their wine making abilities, and care to sustainable agriculture.

The trials and tribulations of the Gallo family on their rise to infamy will titillate you in Gallo Be Thy Name, and it will give you great insight into the past 80 years of the U.S. wine economy.

Today, the Gallo family owns such labels and wineries as, Barefoot Cellars, Bartles & James, Carlos Rossi, E&J VSOP Brandy, Liberty Creek, Sheffield Cellars, The Naked Grape, Turning Leaf and a ton more.

Gallo Be Thy Name is an adventurous wine read and a highly recommended one as you’ll learn what went in to making the Gallo name what it is today in U.S. wine-making.