The Frisky Zebras Seductive Shiraz is the second wine of our Wines Under $10 theme this month.  We’ve shared our thoughts on how price doesn’t matter when it comes to finding wine you really enjoy, and we’re putting that notion to the test this month.

Frisky Zebras comes from a wine company that calls themselves, the United Nations of Wine (love the name). The wine company chose its name because it simply just wants to be the worlds wine company.

It’s that simple. We want to be your purveyor of choice for affordable, earth-friendly wines that deliver superior quality for value and bring a relaxing, satisfying smile to your face with every sip of our offerings.

On colour, the Frisky Zebras Seductive Shiraz holds a ruby red hue.  On the nose, you’ll pick up scents of oak, strawberry and spice. On the palate, anise, green pepper, and plum, with a short to medium finish.

The Frisky Zebras Seductive Shiraz holds a bit of a mechanical taste that can be picked up in the wines finish, but arguably this is still an affordable and suitably priced wine.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $9.10

We gave this wine a score of 1 out of 10