How can something both be metallic and unbelievably smooth on the palate at the same time? That is what I found myself asking about the complexity of Frogpond Farm Cabernet Franc 2012, and the intrigue, in my mind, made it blog worthy.

Frongpond Farm is a Niagara based organic winery that has been ‘bullfrog powered’ since 2006, and it is the first, fully organic wine making operation in the region. Since their opening in 2001, they have grown to offer varying varietals that range from whites, to roses to reds.

What we do here at Frogpond Farm, is focus on growing stronger, healthier more disease resistant plants right from the start. Our grape vines are provided with a clean, healthy environment in which they can thrive.

On colour, the Frogpond Farm Cabernet Franc 2012 holds a lovely scarlet hue. On the nose, scents of cherry, strawberry, floral bouquet and mineral are noted.  On the palate, you’ll taste raspberry, blackberry, and peppers with a mineral edge upon finish. With well-tempered tannins, this wine is classed as extremely smooth, while still holding its earthy nature. This is a complex beauty for many.

While the Frogpond Farm Cabernet Franc 2012 must be purchased directly through the winery, you can pick up their Gamay Noir (fantastic), and Cabernet Merlot at the LCBO.

We gave this wine a 4 out of 5

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