Prince Edward County, in Ontario, Canada has stepped up to produce some wines that rival the best of them internationally.  The region now boasts of close to 40 wineries and can arguably be called one of the fastest growing wine regions. With so much left to explore of Prince Edward County, I could not help but pick up a bottle of  the regions Huff Estates South Bay Merlot 2010.

Huff Estates is a young Prince Edward County winery that comes with a 21 room inn on the grounds, as well as a restaurant. This new venture holds themselves in high regard when it comes to making great wines, through the craftsmanship of their Burgundy born wine-maker, Frédéric Picard.

Huff Estates’ grand opening was in June of 2004. This modern facility was constructed with one thing in mind – producing high quality wines.

On colour, the Huff Estates South Bay Merlot 2010 holds an attractive ruby red hue.  On the nose, scents of spice, plum, leather and a metallic woodsy finish are present.  On the palate, bursting tannins, minerality and current greet you early on.  However, as this wine breathes, its complexity shows as you’ll later start to nose cherry and pick up herb on the palate, all the while noting the distinct terroir of the PEC region.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $29.95

We gave this wine a score of 3 out of 5