If you were to ask a sample size of wine drinkers what they think about California Chardonnay they’d probably tell you that the heavily oaked, buttery taste is something they’d rather do without. I’ll admit there are quite a few California Chardonnay’s that deliver this attitude on the palate, but Petroni Chardonnay 2013 is one wine that would stand to prove this understanding of California Chardonnay wrong.

Petroni Vineyards, though nestled in Sonoma County,  creates wines in what they call an Italian style.  If  you peruse their wines list, you’ll recognize Italian offerings such as Sangiovese and Grappa.  The vineyard wine shop also sells olive oil, which is entirely grown and made on site.

Lorenzo Petroni’s dream was to be the first California vintner to grow the prized Sangiovese Grosso clone from his native Tuscany in Sonoma soil. He sensed that California could produce stunning results with Italian varieties, similar to the new world successes accomplished with the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

On colour, the Petroni Chardonnay 2013 holds a crisp golden hue.  On the nose, you’ll sense a more than pleasing apple, pear, fig and a lovely floral bouquet.  On the palate, vanilla, anise, green apple coupled with well-tempered acidity are noted.

The Petroni Chardonnay 2013 proves to be a great sipper that needs no food accompaniment to truly show its style.  As I sipped this wine for this review, I thought to myself “too bad I only have one bottle”.  This is a definite crowd pleaser.

Though this wine is not available at the LCBO, it can be ordered from the winery directly.

We gave this wine a 4.5 out of 5.