Freudian Sip is a white wine blend (Pinot Gris 43%, Riesling 28%, Sauvignon Blanc 15%, and Kerner 14%) that comes from British Columbia’s Therapy Wines.  The punchy name of this white blend is not alone when you look at the labels of the other wines that makeup Therapy Wines repertoire.  Wines with names such as Fizzio Therapy, Pink Freud, and Bruised Ego, just to name a few, represent the funny and light-hearted style of this winery.

Once you’ve savoured our wine and soaked in our view, one thing is certain: this is therapy you won’t want to leave.

On colour, Freudian Sip 2012 holds a deep wheat like hue. On the nose, scents of pear, grapefruit and light lavender are noted.  On the palate, the wines light air is quite noticeable with hints of lemon, apple and extremely mild acidity.

To get the most out of Freudian Sip 2012, consider pairing it with spicy foods to allow for deeper fruit flavours to bounce through.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $19.95

We gave this wine a 2.5/5