Our first wine in our July Rosé Feature comes from Rancourt Winery.

Rancourt Winery is located in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara Region and consists of a vineyard that fuels the wines they sell, and wine making facilities. It’s cottage like feel provides a quaint and downright homey perspective that is extremely inviting and welcoming –  a great indication into what to expect with the wines they produce. In this post we’re featuring the Rancourt Winery 2013 Rose, as a part of our Rosé wine feature this month.

On colour, the Rancourt Winery 2013 Rose holds a cherry/blood orange hue. On the nose, scents of strawberry, mineral and oak are present.  On the palate, a delightful blend of cherry, currant,  and light strawberry is noted.

This is a lovely patio sipper. It is light, palatable, and appeals to all levels of wine lovers. I highly recommend the Rancourt 2013 Rose for your next summer shindig.

Rancourt Winery shelves wines in the LCBO, but not this one I am afraid. With that said, you can purchase the Rancourt Rose from the winery itself.

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5