As you take a look around your local wine store, you cannot help but notice an expanded range in label design and branding. Much of the avant-garde branding comes as wine-makers and vintners try to expand their buying demographic, and consciously make an effort to appeal to the young.

Marketers hired to speak at wine industry events preach that the younger demographic are technically savvy, about the here and now, synonymous with fun and so on. Marketers even go so far as to call for specific wine branding for females. Think of Skinny Girl (tag line for their new campaign ‘Drink Like a Lady’) or Flirt if you need a few examples of female wine targeting. And with this advice, many vintners have answered back with a well-suited generation Y branded wine approach.  So, with the overwhelming hipster/sexual innuendo type labels I am confronted with while wine shopping, I could not help but be a little curious about how a wine called The Very Sexy Shiraz, would taste.

On colour, The Very Sexy Shiraz 2012 holds a deep scarlet hue.  On the nose, red berries, rhubarb and cinnamon are noted.  On the palate, raspberry abounds along with black licorice and slight strawberry.

The honest truth is that this wine  was not bad. It was far more than drinkable, and could easily be recommended if entertaining a large number of semi to non-wine drinkers. The Very Sexy Shiraz is quite affordable and palatable.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $14.95

We gave this wine a score of 3 out of 5