During this holiday, most Canadians will serve turkey, with all the fixings and ham. These meats, in my opinion, are two  of the easiest to compliment with a bottle of wine and as a result, I see this as my holiday to live on the wine edge.  I know that not everyone will risk Thanksgiving dinner and take wild wine chances like myself, so below I have lined up a safe, and well-vetted list of possible wines to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

Norm Hardie Unfiltered Chardonnay 2013
Norm Hardie Unfiltered Chardonnay
The Norm Hardie Unfiltered Chardonnay 2013 holds a crisp golden hue. On the nose, you’ll pick up burnt oak, pear and lemon. On the palate, green apple, oak, lemon and lime, with crisp acidity and pear are noted. This is a fantastic Chardonnay that would please the palates of even red wine preferred drinkers.

Gnarly Head Viognier 2013
Gnarly Head Viognier
On colour, the Gnarly Head Viognier is extremely light to the point where the descriptive term iridescent comes to mind. With that said, it is on the nose and palate where things start to get exciting. On the nose, you immediately pick up a lovely floral bouquet, mixed with lemon and apricot. On the palate, you’ll sense melon, lime, peach, tangerine, and a fantastic tempered acidity that jumps out at the end of your sipping experience. I would class this as a complex wine that will surprise you with new findings, sip after sip.

Rancourt Winery 2013 Rose
Rancourt Winery Rose
On colour, the Rancourt Winery 2013 Rose holds a cherry/blood orange hue. On the nose, scents of strawberry, mineral and oak are present. On the palate, a delightful blend of cherry, currant, and light strawberry is noted.

Irony Merlot
Irony Merlot
On colour, Irony Merlot 2012 holds a deep crimson hue. On the nose, scents of cherry, plum, bell peppers and some oak are present. On the palate, cherry, vanilla, blackberries and well-balanced tannins captivate.

Aquinas Pinot Noir 2012
Aquinas Pinot Noir
On colour, the Aquinas Pinot Noir 2012 holds a crimson hue. On the nose, you’ll pick up scents of strawberry, spice and herb. On the palate, you’ll find this to be a well-rounded red wine. You’ll taste hints of raspberry, cranberry and a medium length, peppery finish.