I am particular about my rosé wine as I prefer a rosé with bold structure.  I like to be able to taste the complexity of the wine and marvel at its makeup considering the process.  Unfortunately, I have come across my share of humdrum rosé wines, one after the other and it makes pink exploration a discouraging notion.  So, when I do come across a rosé that stands out from the rest, it must be shared.

Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2014 comes from the Château Gassier, found in the region of Provence, France.  The team at Château Gassier are said to be known for their astute focus on making rosé wine from the grapes of the region and their expertise is easily noticed in their Sables d’Azur Rosé.

On colour, the Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2014 holds a light pink hue.  On the nose, pear, green apple, floral hints and some minerality are noted. On the palate, this rosé will give and morph from the beginning of your first sip to the end. Blackberry, clementine and a finish of cherry come together nicely in the mouth.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $15.95

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5