This kickstarter project from Joel Paglione will turn you into the cocktail aficionado you deserve to be!

Inspired by his winery owner uncle who recently passed from cancer, Paglione made his new project one that gives  the home entertainer or spirits lover the ability to barrel age cocktails, wine or plain old whiskey on their own.

The Oak Bottle makes it possible for the regular person to oak age their favorite wines and spirits, whereas, in the past, only wineries and distilleries had access to the oak barrel. The inexperienced can figure out their taste preferences and the experts can impress their friends. With the Oak Bottle, we are trailblazing a whole new category.

I personally have been looking for an oak barrel to age cocktails, but have yet to find one of the right size. Joel Paglione’s design however, stands to be a formidable solution. You can back this project, which is scheduled to end its kickstarter fund raising on November 4, 2015,  for as little as $5.