Buying French wine can be both an exhilarating activity and a daunting one if you are of the mind that the wine you buy should be labeled by the grape variety, and not the area the grapes were from. I actually like that many European wines are labelled by geography because it forces you to learn about the physical area from which the grapes that went into wine glass were born.  I start with this because today’s wine is a Pouilly-Fume; a wine made using Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Ah… now you get a sense of what this wine should taste like. However, do not be fooled into thinking a Sauvignon Blanc is a Sauvignon Blanc, regardless of where in the world you go.  I find Pouilly-Fume wines to have a deep structure, noticeable but yet fine acidity, and slight hints of tropical fruit, whereas Sauvignon Blanc wines from New Zealand come with more of a citrus bite to me. Both are very good but different.

The Pouilly-Fume name is composed of two parts. ‘Pouilly’ is short for Pouilly-sur-Loire, the village the wines come from. ‘Fume’ is short for Blanc Fumé , which is the local nickname for Sauvignon Blanc.

On colour, the Raphael Midoir Pouilly-Fumé 2014  holds a pale wheat hue. On the nose, lemon, apple, and pear are found.  On the palate, structured acidity, pear, melon, passion fruit and some mineral are noticed.  If you choose to pair this wine with something like a lemon herb crusted chicken (really any mild to medium herbed chicken or even pork will do – no need to be so specific) your palate will be in for a further treat as the pear and lemon do a wonderful duet and cause a lingering caramel feel at the back of your tongue.

This is a lovely Pouilly-Fumé.  I will remember Raphael Midoir on hot patio perfect days as I can see this wine being a tremendously refreshing accompaniment!

This wine retails at the LCBO at $24.95

We gave this wine a score of 3.75 out of 5.

Wine pairing: fish, chicken