Wine tasting in its traditional form is loads of fun for me, but I get that others new to the business of appreciating wine may need more garnish and bedazzle. So, in comes Ideum’s, in conjunction with Jean-Charles Boisset, state-of-the-art multitouch tables that equip wine tasters with interactive wine notes and details at their table top fingertips.

At current, the experience is designed for four wine tasters at a time who are walked through five different wines, specifically selected for the interactive experience. As the wine glasses hit the table top helpful notes, tips and hints about the wines makeup are shown.

Creative Director and Founder of Ideum, Jim Spadaccini states

Wine tasting, particularly at the JCB Tasting Salon, is already such a unique all-encompassing sensory experience, so when developing our software and touch table for the interactive flight at JCB’s new salon in Yountville we were incredibly particular about finding ways to enhance it and take it to another level.

Though this type of bedazzle is not necessary for me to enjoy a good ol’ wine tasting, I will admit I am a little curious about it all. Guess what I’ll be doing on my next trip to Yountville?