If asked what my favourite wine region of New Zealand it, I would have to say Central Otago. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad Pinot Noir experience from this region. However, the very essence of ‘exploring wine’ means that you step out of our comfort zone, and given the improvements in Bordeaux style wines out of New Zealand, I decided to give Hawke’s Bay, Sileni The Triangle Merlot 2013 a try.

Hawke’s Bay boasts of having over 100 vineyards and 70 wineries and is located on the New Zealand east coast. The region is known for its Bordeaux-like climates and their dominance in growing Bordeaux grapes. Sileni Estates is found in the eastern part of the region and is one of the largest wineries in the area. The estate prides itself on its forward-thinking position on sustainable wine growing. At current Sileni Estates has sustainable products in the area of composting, winery energy use and a strong commitment to the New Zealand Glass Packaging Forum, which reuses glass products disposed of by area households.

On colour, Sileni The Triangle Merlot 2013 holds a silky scarlet hue. On the nose, red berries, plum and basil are noted. On the palate, the fruit forwardness of this Merlot sits at the front of the mouth and produces a jammy sense. Spice and oak are also present with robust tannins grasped at the end of the mouth experience. This is a fantastic Merlot and a definite must try. We paired this wine with ginger, cilantro and date rubbed Cornish hens.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $16.75

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5