Have you ever sat around with friends and asked the masked philosophical question “what would your last meal consist of”? In cases where I have been in the company of friends looking for deeper meaning or those one scotch in too many, my answer is always “wine, a cheese board, and a charcuterie plate”, and not the poor showing offered in many restaurants, but one with at least 10 different cheeses and 8 types of cured meats. (Very specific my last meal!) I think next to working a vineyard, if I was woman enough, I would love to own a fromagerie, but cannot do that as well because I would eat into the profits. Nonetheless, all this to say that I love cheese nearly as much as I do wine and as a result, could not help but become enamored by this simple cheese map from the IWFS, depicting the Cheeses of France.

Map: Cheeses of France

France Cheese Map

5 things you should know about France and its Cheese

  1. There are an estimated 350 to 450 distinct types of French cheese
  2. French cheese can be classed into three main groupings: pressed cheese, soft cheese, and blue cheese
  3. France has an AOC system for not just their wine, but also their cheese
  4. With 24.4kg of cheese eaten per person per year, the French are amongst the highest consumers of cheese in the world
  5. Blue Cheese was actually invented by a young French peasant forgetting his cheese in a cave and finding it months later.

Now, it seems only fitting to end this post with cheers to a glass of Chenin Blanc and all the Camembert cheese your heart desires!