When was the last time you drank a glass of Gamay wine? Right. I had to rack my brain too as it has been a while. But when I fell into my first sip of Malivoire Gamay 2014, I realized that I had been missing out by not having this wine on my ‘go to’ wine list.

Gamay, some say, was first found in 1300’s, and the wines produced from this grape came as a respite for the citizenry as they tried to recover from the perils of the ‘Black Death‘.

France’s Beaujolais wine is made from Gamay grapes, and more commonly now, this grape can be found in abundance in Ontario, Canada, with the first planting in the region dated at 1970.¬† Gamay, undoubtedly, is well at home being grown in Ontario, given its resilience¬† to the areas climate.

Though many compare Gamay to Pinot Noir, I find there are definite differences between the two. Where Pinot Noir comes with a consistent fruit forward, smooth tannin feel, a Gamay makes the fruit dance amongst the subtle acidity and tannins. Gamay is fruit forward like a Pinot Noir, but it is definitely more complex.

On colour, the Malivoire Gamay 2014 holds a gentle scarlet hue. On the nose, oak, red berries, and moist soil are present. On the palate is where this Gamay gets you. You’ll pick up bouncy tannins, strawberry, bell pepper, and anise at the left-back of the tongue, making the light acidity and robust tannins a complex, but beautiful finisher in the mouth.

If it’s been a while since you’ve indulged in a glass of Gamay, we highly recommend you rekindle the relationship starting with Malivoire Gamay 2014.¬† Now, I am on a hunt for other vintages from Malivoire!

This wine retails at the LCBO for $17.95

We gave this wine a 5 out of 5