I often like to pick up a bottle of familiar wine if I can get my hands on a new vintage. As you could imagine, I want to take note of changes in the wine and then research ‘why’ if possible. This blog, in many ways, acts as my personal catalogue of wine, so when I delve into a different vintage and want to recall anything about its predecessor, I am not forced to rely on my memory alone. I first tried Anselmi San Vincenzo a few years ago; their 2012 vintage was quite impressive, by all standards.  So,when I stumbled across a bottle of Anselmi San Vincenzo 2014 I was immediately stoked to try it! I remembered it being a fantastic white blend of Garganega (80% ), Chardonnay (10%), and Sauvignon Blanc (10%).

On colour, the Anselmi San Vincenzo 2014 holds a light wheat hue. On the nose, oak,  green apple, peach and lavender are noted. On the palate, lemon, smoked vanilla, pineapple, and well-managed acidity are present.

While I found this vintage to hold less of the authenticity of 2012, the Anselmi San Vincenzo 2014 is still an enjoyable wine and a definite patio sipper! An interesting item of note when looking at what could make this vintage so different from the last I had; in 2014 Anselmi owner (Roberto Anselmi) inked a deal with Terlato wines, which gave Anselmi a broader US market. Could the difference in the wine be partly due to, what would have been at that time, the pending distribution deal? That smoked vanilla, borderline oak taste we noted in 2014 was not present in 2012.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $16.95

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 5