On this day, I decided to venture into the generalist section of the LCBO to see what Ontario had to offer in this category, and given my carnivore like being, I could not help but be drawn into 13th Street Burger Blend 2014.  Given my nature, I wanted to both challenge and be delighted on this wines innate pairing ability with a good homemade burger. How did I fair you ask? Well.. I lost the challenge but came out delighted.

On colour, 13th Street Burger Blend 2014 holds a garnet hue. On the nose, scents of cherry, spice, and blueberry are present. On the palate, you are introduced to delightful well-tempered tannins and acidity taste, which brings cherry, bell pepper, raspberry, and a short to medium length finish making it a perfect summer sipper.

An unknown fact by most is that 13th Street Winery is one of my first Ontario loves. I fell in love with this winery with its past owners and continue to support it today. So, the richness, delightful taste, and affordability of the 13th Street Burger Blend 2014 came as a welcomed result. This wine should most definitely be on you summer BBQ staple list.

The 13th Street Burger Blend 2014 is a wine blend of Gamay Noir (75%) and Pinot Noir (25%), and we paired it with, you guessed it, beef burgers made with love on the BBQ.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $14.95.

We gave this wine a score of 4.5 out of 5.