The fact that we covered a Portuguese wine  just a day before this post is truly coincidental. My attending IWEGs Porto and Douro Wine Tasting event was solely out of my love of wine and recent introduction to more of Portugal’s red blends. With such a growing fascination with this region, I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn more from one of the best institutions dedicated to wine education.Porto and Douro Tasting at IWEG

IWEG (Independent Wine Education Guild) was first formed in 1977 and has traditionally been focused on providing both professionals, and lay wine enthusiasts, with the chance to take accredited courses (I should know, being a former student). On top of formal wine education, IWEG also opens their doors to the wine inquisitive public, by hosting events that are either free or fee-based and the Porto and Douro Wine Tasting at IWEG was one such event.

For the Porto and Douro Wine Tasting event, IWEG brought in Rui Falco, a many times over published author, and a frequent international wine judge on the competitive track. Among Falco’s writings are 11 books, each covering the main wine regions of Portugal. So, given Falco’s accomplishments, there could be no better an instructor to take us down the path of both Port and Douro wines of Portugal.

The Tasting

We had the pleasure of going through five wines from the Douro region, each giving new insight into what Porto and Douro Tasting at IWEGthe area had to offer.

Patamar Reserva Douro 2013

This Douro wine held the gusto one would expect of a red blend from the region. A nose filled with anise and fruit, and on the palate, more fruit, and bright acidity, with a medium finish.

Taylor Fladgate Fine White Port

What a treat this was, knowing how hard it is to find White Port in Ontario! Though, again, quite young this port wine was completely astounding. A nose of melon and apricots and a mouth feel consisting of honey and vanilla.

Warre’s Otima 10 Year Old Tawny Port

Now the tasting got a little serious with the introduction of this 10 year old Tawny. A nose of cassava, brown sugar, and vanilla, and on the plate, uber nuttiness with a velvet buttered finish.

Taylor Fladgate 30 Year Old Tawny Port

Stop it now! That’s what I wanted to say when they brought out this bottle and was I right. This was an intense Port that in good judgement should not be followed with anything else because of its pleasing attitude. A nose consisting of butterscotch, and a palate filled with red and black berries. As you may expect, the intensity of this Port produces a solid, long finish on the mouth.  More please…

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2009

While this was a lovely Late Bottled Vintage Port, it was done an injustice on my palate, given the 30-year-old Tawny that came just before it. With that said, you couldn’t miss the smoothness of this Port wine. It definitely had a mass appeal.  With a nose consisting of raspberry, blackcurrant and peppercorn and a mouth feel of a bevy of red berries.

It’s not too late to sign up for IWEG events. The crowd is completely inclusive making it easy to attend on your own, or bring a friend for some joint wine education. Either way, I encourage you to give your wine smarts a boost by taking advantage of the IWEG event series!