Well it was only just a matter of time before weed infused wine became a thing.

Canna Wine, the birth child of vineyard owner Louisa Sawyer Lindquist and dispensary owner Lisa Molyneux, is a high-end marijuana product that combines organically grown marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes.  Though the concept is tempting there are a few things to note about this weed infused wine. First, it is only available and legal for purchase in California. Second, a half bottle will run you anywhere between $120 to $400! According to an LA Times interview with Lindquist

Molyneux makes the wine, but both she and Sawyer Lindquist have explored blends of the two weed types, sativa and indica, to find a balance between uplifting and relaxing sensations. They’re also actively seeking to combine the flavors of cannabis and the flavors of wine into something more harmonious. There’s a strain of cannabis that’s somehow pineapple-scented, for example, and Sawyer Lindquist says it pairs exceptionally well with Viognier fruit.

I can see the wheels turning in the minds of many on making California that next road trip destination. Green wine anyone?