As with anything consumable, supposed handy accessories that appear more gimmick like are inevitable, and the world of wine and spirits is not exempt of this. Today, I bring to you two new wine and spirit accessories that though funny, I believe to be a bad, bad, bad, idea…

The Goon Suit

Ever had the need to indulge in a bit of wine or even gin while at work, but realize that it would be highly frowned upon by your boss and HR manager? Well, fear no more, as I present to you, The Goon Suit.

The Goon Suit is a suit jacket with a giving lining that allows you to hold flask amounts of alcohol, which can then be consumed by a pen like straw.

While the Goon Suit is an imaginary product, I can see this being just a matter of time before it becomes a product available for purchase on Amazon, such as the product below.

The Guzzle Buddy

Yeah… from the name you can probably imagine what this looks like, but just in case you can’t, let me explain.

Guzzle Buddy

The Guzzle Buddy is a funnel in the shape of a wine glass and it is designed to sit on top of your wine bottle. The sentiment here is that if you were told by others that putting the wine bottle to your head was uncouth, the jokes on them, as this contraption is designed to make bottle to mouth evenings somewhat classy. Again people, this is a bad, bad, bad, idea. Nonetheless, if you want your own Guzzle Buddy you can purchase it on Amazon for only $14.99.

As an aside, I will unfriend anyone who purchases either of the above for me.