Wine and Halloween Candy Pairing Guide

This Halloween, one of a few things can happen, all of which may call for wine.

Scenario 1: The kids are trick or treating and come home with an insane amount of candy, all of which you cannot let them eat and so you take one for the team, so to say, and eat some yourself over the next three weeks, and this, of course, from time to time will call for wine.

Scenario 2: You don’t have kids, but bought halloween candy to give to the kids in your neighbourhood and are now left with a lot of left over rockets. You have no choice now but to eat them over the next week, and this will call for wine from time to time.

Scenario 3: You don’t have kids, but are a kid at heart and cannot help but feel nostalgia when you see the candy bars, nerds and of course rockets you used to eat as a little goblin and so, you buy a bunch of candy for your personal supply, of which you will consume almost all of it over the next month. As a month is a long time, you will for sure need wine at some point.

Regardless of which scenario above best applies to you, finding the right wine to pair with halloween candy can be difficult. Thankfully, friends at Vivino have thought ahead and put together this wine and halloween candy pairing guide for your use.

Tootsie Roll and Amarone anyone?

Wine and Halloween Candy Pairing Guide