Plum: the One Wine Accessory that Should be on your Holiday Wish List

I have seen quite a few wine accessories touted to change the way we look at wine, or more importantly, drink wine, but only a very few of these inventions have ever gotten my attention. So, when I came across an article about the Plum a few weeks ago, I went into reading it full of skepticism, however the joke was on me. I now, actually, want a Plum, but just need to set aside the $1,499 to make it happen!

Plum Wine FridgeThe Plum, simply put, is a wine fridge on steroids and though it has the capacity to hold only two bottles of wine at a time, it is what the Plum enables you to do with these bottles that make it the new wine ‘must have’.

The way Plum works is that you set two bottles in at a time. Plum will identify your wine using a built-in camera that scans the label and searches for it using its database housing millions of wines.  From there, it identifies varietal, vintage, region, winery and wine and determines the right temperature to store it at.  Wines stored in your Plum wine fridge can be drunk for up to 90 days once opened! To provide length in wine preservation, Plum automatically pierces the cork or cap of the wine bottle and pressurizes the bottle with argon gas to protect the flavor and aroma.  For someone like myself who is left with a number of opened wine bottles in my fridge that eventually end up thrown down the drain, this is fantastic!

If you still aren’t sold on a Plum, perhaps learning that it has a built-in automated cleaning system, meaning you don’t have to do much to pour glass after glass and ensure each tastes as it should, regardless of how many ounces have been poured before it.

If you are as interested as I am in owning a Plum wine fridge, you can place your pre-order now. The company plans to send out its first shipment of Plums in the Spring of 2017.