Like any wine buff, I spend most of my free time reading wine reviews, industry related articles and wine biographical pieces about people and terroir. Most recently, I came across an article talking about sparkling wine from Tasmania. The article caused me to run through my memory banks and in doing so, I realized I’ve never had the chance to try bubbles from this region. Hence this post and my starter exploration with Pepik Sekt, a sparkling wine from Josef Chromy Wines, located on the Australian Island, Tasmania.

Tasmania weather makes it suited to produce fantastic cool climate flourishing varietals, which makes it wonder that their ability to produce impeccable sparkling wines is a cheerful reality. In fact, many of Australia’s mainland producers have extensions on the island which they use to produce sparkling wines. A further contribution to Tasmania’s sparkling phenom reputation can be seen in the dominate varietals grown on the island. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay make up 67% of the share of grape varietals grown here, and of course, they are the grapes used to make champagne and most notable sparkling wines.

Tasmania enjoys a national and international reputation as a leading producer of some of Australia’s premium wines, with its Pinot Noir and sparkling wines in particular winning high praise and plenty of trophies from wine judges and critics alike.

Tasting Notes: Pepik Sekt

The Pepik Sekt sparkling wine comes with no shortage of fine, dancing bubbles in your glass providing great insight, and resulting anticipation, into the quality of this sparkling.  On the palate, green apple, and pear is balanced with refined acidity and hints of apricot and spice. Pepik Sekt, while not quite Brut, it is one I would class as Extra Dry.

In all, Pepik Sekt has made it to my short list of celebratory bubbles that are softer on the pocket book, but a banger on the palate! I encourage you to explore Tasmanian sparkling yourselves.  Even though this region is relatively young in the world of wine, it is clear that Tasmania beholds a formidable position in the world of sparkling.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $22.25

We gave this wine a 4.5 out of 5