With Cab Franc Day fast approaching we thought it only right to arm you with a few factoids about the grape, just in case you are asked to join revelers for this special occasion.  So, let’s begin.

Fun Facts About Cabernet Franc

  1. Cabernet Franc is the parent of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Carménère
  2. Mid 20th Century, Cabernet Franc was grown and passed off as Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux
  3. You will find that quite a few of Ontario Ice Wines include Cabernet Franc
  4. Other names for Cabernet Franc: Tsapournako (Greece), Verdejilla Tinto (Aragón in Spain)
  5. Cabernet Franc ripens about a week earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon
  6. Cabernet Franc grows best in cooler climates
  7. Like Merlot, Cabernet Franc took a lashing in the movie Sideways, by character Miles.


Why was December 4th chosen to celebrate Cabernet Franc?

Cabernet Franc is believed to have been established in the Libournais region of southwest France sometime in the 17th century, when Cardinal Richelieu transported cuttings of the vine to the Loire Valley. December 4th is the anniversary of Cardinal Richelieu’s death.

Whether or not you celebrate this day with friends, I encourage you to pick up a bottle of Cabernet Franc in anticipation of December 4th. In my personal opinion, Cabernet Franc is a highly underrated grape and wines made 100% from this varietal produce an elegant and smooth experience on the palate, and it pairs well with food. It is by far more superior in taste to that of its more popular offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon.