If you are like me, often times the things you attempt to put in your mouth land on the clothes you are wearing. I admit, it’s not the cutest thing, especially when out on a date, but I expose my imperfections in the quest for honesty, and for the sake of this post. The worst stain of them all, and one I am familiar with is … red wine. We’ve all been told a trick or two to remove the stain, but the garment never quite comes out with the regal bearing it once had. Well now you can all sleep at night, because you are finally able to invest in a red wine stain resistant shirt.

If you head over to Kickstarter, you’ll see that Labfresh, a company from Amsterdam, has created what they are coining the ‘Odor, Stain & Wrinkle Repellent Cotton Shirts’

The patented technology enables cotton fibers to repel water, oil, and the bacteria they carry. Say goodbye to yellow necklines, wet armpits and wine stains.

The stain resistant shirts come in both white and blue, and as a bonus Labfresh has created stain resistant ties to help you safely accessorize. A pledge of $93 gets you a shirt once available, and a pledge of $104 gets you a shirt and tie! Though Labfresh was looking for only 15,000 euros, the group has already amassed over 30,000 euros in backing.