With it being resolution fulfillment time of the year, there are many of us who are now counting calories, hitting the gym and following all kinds of Web-based nutrition plans. These resolutions to lose weight often have us cutting out the loves of our lives like chocolate, carbs, and wine. So given the time of the year, and my belief that what sticks has to be a lifestyle change, I thought I would share some details on how many calories are in a glass of wine, to help you make the right dietary lifestyle choices, which hopefully include indulging in your favourite wines a few glasses at a time, per week.

Firstly, not every glass of wine is created equally when it comes to caloric makeup. Calories in wine have to do with alcohol content, the sweetness of the wine and how much you pour into to your wine glass. The biggest impact to caloric makeup in wine comes from the wine’s alcohol content. Wines with higher alcohol content tend to bare 125 calories per 5oz glass. (Bet this makes you think twice the next time your waiter asks if you want a 5oz pour or a 9oz, and if it is really ridiculous, you will be offered a 14oz like I was last week at an airport bar). So, by this measure, sweet, high alcohol wines, such as Madeira and Port,  bring the biggest damage to your diet. To make it simple, and according to Community Table, the basic formula used to calculate the calories in wine is as follows:

% of Alcohol X Ounces X 1.6 = Calorie Content

Though there are many health benefits to wine, you need to be somewhat mindful if your resolution or lifestyle change calls for a reduction in your daily caloric intake. Myself, I keep to a 5 day per week workout schedule and green smoothies on days when I know I plan to indulge in my favourite wines and a no holds barred meal to pair. If in doubt when ordering, there are a ton of tools at your disposal such as Calorie Lab that you can access to help you make wise choices based on your daily intake. Ideally, you’ll find the right mix for you, your lifestyle and your body type. No need to cut out wine completely, just be aware of how you indulge in the nectar of the gods.

Image from Winefolly.com