This Valentine’s Day there will be no shortage of flowers, dinners, wine, delectable sweetness and whether you be blissfully single or in a blissful relationship, there is something about this time of year that finds one with a bit of chocolate in one hand and a libation of choice in the other. Indulging in chocolate on Valentine’s Day is something we have Richard Cadbury to thank for, given his powerful marketing campaign in 1840 that introduced the concept of gifting chocolate to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.  Nonetheless, if your libation of choice is wine, here are 3 things to remember when pairing wine with chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

3 things to remember when pairing wine with chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

It’s all about the sweetness

The most important thing to remember when pairing wines with chocolate is the chocolate should never be sweeter than the wine. When drinking a dry red with sweet chocolate, the wine will begin to taste bitter, and no one wants that. So, you are best to try to match the sweetness of the chocolate with the sweetness of the wine.

Great pairing ideas would be white chocolate with a Port or Banyuls. Or milk chocolate with a Merlot, Bordeaux or Meritage styled wines. If dark chocolate is what  you are trying to pair, think Barolo or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Use colour as your guide

If matching sweetness is not your thing, another simple tip is to use the colour of the chocolate to gauge which wines you will pair with it.  The darker the chocolate, the darker the wine, hence our suggested pairing for dark chocolate above.

Champagne works with all

When in doubt, get a sweet or semi-sweet Champagne or sparkling wine, and it will pair nicely with all of your chocolate desires. The sweetness in the Champagne or sparkling will fair well with the level of sweetness in the chocolate. Rosé and even red sparkling (Sparkling Shiraz) wines also pair nicely. A classic pairing here is Champagne and truffles.

In any event, pairing wine with anything is supposed to fun, yet experimental. Don’t worry if you get it wrong the first time, but hopefully these tips well set you off in the right direction.