I have often complained, with my fingers crossed, that from sampling so much wine, I end up with a lot of open bottles in my fridge. Some, unfortunately, end up down the drain, but I try as hard as I can to either drink what’s there responsibly or find some use for the wine; from salad dressings to marinades and now, boozy cocktails. More specifically, The Bourbon Sling Boozy Cocktail!

We are all familiar with the level of citrus mixologists use when making boozy cocktails such as an Old Fashion, Sazerac, a Negroni, etc. (For reference, I just mentioned my fav cocktails. Something you should note should we meet at a mixer.) Whether the Citrus is infused with bitters, zested into the glass, used to rim the glass or used to garnish the drink, it is present and used to boost flavour. So when looking in my fridge and seeing an open bottle of dry Riesling, a wine rich with citrus notes, I went to work on making my boozy cocktail.

The Bourbon Sling Boozy Cocktail The Bourbon Sling Boozy Cocktail

What you will need

  • Bourbon
  • Dry Riesling
  • 1 Lemon or an Orange
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Maple Syrup
  • Filtered water


  • Pour 1oz of water into a rocks glass
  • Add one teaspoon of maple syrup and stir until the maple syrup thins
  • Add your ice cube, preferably a larger cube to keep the drink cooled for a longer period of time
  • Pour 2oz of Bourbon into a rocks glass
  • Add 2oz of your dry Riesling
  • Add one drop of your bitters
  • Stir lightly. Only three or four full circular stirs are needed.
  • Add a lemon or orange peel to your glass, and you are all set

I encourage you to play around with the garnishing to make it just right for you. I am a big citrus fan, so I used orange bitters and added extra lemon.  As for dry Rieslings, you are safe using a Riesling from Ontario, Oregon, Washington, Alsace, and Western Australia.

So there you go. Another way to utilize the open bottles of wine in your fridge. Enjoy!