I cannot sing enough praise for Portuguese reds. It’s like a red blend surprise, every bottle you dig into. One thing people don’t realize about old plantings in Portugal is that not many vineyards kept meticulous records on what grape was planted where and because of this, each and every wine that you try from the various vintners brings with it a pleasant surprise. Knowing Portugal is home to more than 250 native grapes, and this varied and diverse mouth experience, is what draws me to the Portuguese section of my wine store, time after time. Today’s post is a focus on Casa de Cambres Reserva Red 2009; a wine nurtured out of Portugal’s Douro Region.

The Casa de Cambres is an historic villa located in Cambres – Lamego, in the heart of the Douro Wine Region. Built in the 1920s Casa de Cambresdecade of the last century, it is designed in Art Deco style, so in vogue by that time. It had been fully restored as a country house in 2014, thoroughly respecting the original architecture, to which we added all the amenities any Douro visitor expects and deserves.

Casa de Cambres Reserva Red 2009

On colour, the Casa de Cambres Reserva Red 2009 holds a deep ruby hue. On the nose, red berries, light oak, and bell pepper are found. On the palate, jammy cherry, blackberry, and some peppercorn, with a touch of vanilla are noted.  This wine comes with soft tannins and a medium length finish.

Casa de Cambres Reserva Red 2009 is a more than affordable showing of what the Douro has to offer.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $13.95

We gave this wine a score of 3 out of 5