On the hunt to find a Spanish Rosé, I ventured to my local wine store. I can’t explain why it had to be Rosé that day and why it had to be Spanish, it just did. My routine on such quests is to start in the Vintages section, which is the premium wine section of the store. Though the description may make you think you need to take out a second mortgage on your home to shop down the Vintage aisles, that is normally not the case. Shopping in vintages does give me additional reassurance that these wines were specifically selected based on quality and, well in some cases, relationships.  Nonetheless, back to my Spanish Rosé story. The store I chose to go to was a small to medium-sized location, and unfortunately, the selection was reflective of its size.  So, I was terribly disappointed to learn there was no vintage, Spanish Rosé, still or sparkling, available to quench my thirst and as no other country or type of wine would do this night, I daringly walked into the generalist section of the store. Determined, and not put off by if the wine sat on the pristine vintages shelves or common generalist, I hunted for that Spanish Rosé and left the store, finally (!!!), with Chivite Gran Feudo Rose 2015.

Gran Fuedo is a Spanish winery located in the Navarra wine region in Cintruénigo. Gran Fuedo operates through vineyards located in five sub-regions of Spain, and their Navarra location is a notable 80-hectare operation where they cultivate Garnacha (the grape today’s featured wine is made of), Chardonnay and Tempranillo just to name a few.

Chivite Gran Feudo Rose 2015

On colour, the Chivite Gran Feudo Rose 2015 holds a deep strawberry hue. On the nose, raspberry, strawberry, light melon, and lime are noted. On the palate, it produces a dry mouth feel with decent acidity and is best enjoyed when accompanied by food.  I paired this wine with slow roasted pork shoulder.

Chivite Gran Feudo Rose 2015 is a medium state, but grounded wine that if looking for an everyday Rosé for a solo dinner at home, it will do, and even though it did not quite fulfill my thirst for Rosé, I am not mad at that. I realize now that I have all spring to find that perfect Rosé!

This wine retails at the LCBO for $11.95

We gave this wine a score of 2.75 out of 5