Today is National Wine Day. The day when you should pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine, try a wine you’ve been dying to try or raise a glass with friends. This day is your wine enthusiast day. Drink like no one is watching – well… within reason.

To further commemorate this special day, here are some wine facts that you can share at your next dinner party or, heck, office meeting!

10 Fun Wine Facts on National Wine Day

  1. The earliest archeological evidence of wine was found in China, and dated back to 7000 BC.
  2. The Greeks are said to have made wine a sign of trade, health, and religion in 800 BC
  3. The only book in the Old Testament to not make reference to wine is the book of Jonah
  4. The first bottle of wine dates back to 325 AD
  5. Though we read a lot about the health benefits of wine today, its first health aid came in purifying ‘bad’ water. People used to mix wine with unclean water to kill the bacteria. This is a practice common in 18th and 19th-century war-time.
  6. The first impact of the vine eating pest Phylloxera, in France, occurred in 1800’s
  7. In 1860, a French chemist made a bundle selling wine mixed with cocaine and he called it Vin Mariani
  8. describes the origin of the word Sommelier as ‘1920-25; < French, Middle French, dissimilated form of *sommerier, derivative of sommier one charged with arranging transportation, equivalent to somme burden’
  9. Newly planted vines take about 4 years to cultivate enough quality grapes to produce a vintage, but aged vines lend to the taste of the finished product
  10. Lastly, wine is inclusive and made in every imaginable country of the world