Through a recent trip to my cellar (my little condo can barely fit enough cupboards much less a place to store wine) I found a bottle of Potomje Andricevic Vrhunsko Vino Dingac 2011, a wine I bought while in Croatia a few years ago. I recalled not only the trip, but how pleasantly surprised I was by the quality of wines in Croatia, in every single wine region it possessed. As I traveled the country I made it a point to try wines from each of the regions and was lucky enough to meet a few of the wine makers themselves. Croatia is not only a destination for sun and beach relief, it can also be a wine lovers oasis.

Croatia Wine

Croatia’s wine history dates back over 2500 years ago through heavy influence from Greece, and its experience in wine makes it clear why they are among the top 30 wine producing countries in the world. Today, Croatia is known to have two primary regions; Primorska Hrvatska (“coastal Croatia”) and Kontinentalna Hrvatska (“continental Croatia”).  These two regions are then further divided into 12 sub-regions.  The grape I fell in love with produces red wine and is called Plavac Mali. Plavac Mali is the source of what I believe to be Croatia’s most popular wine, Dingac.  According to Croatian law, Dingac is labeled with the highest wine designation ‘Vrhunsko Vino’ or Premium Quality.

Potomje Andricevic Vrhunsko Vino Dingac 2011

On colour, Potomje Andricevic Vrhunsko Vino Dingac 2011 holds a dark eggplant hue. On the nose, cherry, leather, and vanilla extract are noted. On the palate, your immediate reaction will be based on an abundance of fruit. This wine, especially if you let it breathe for 45-minutes, will greet you with blueberry, strawberry, black currant, peppercorn,  with a base of chocolate. You’ll experience a medium to long finish and once exposed to oxygen you won’t even notice this wine has a whopping 15.2% ABV (alcohol by volume).

I can firmly say that Potomje Andricevic Vrhunsko Vino Dingac 2011 was not just a vacation wine (the wines that taste tremendous when you are away, but when you bring them home they are horrific).  My love of Dingac then had very little to do with the beauty of Croatia and being able to experience it first hand, but more to do with how stunning a Plavac Mali wine can really be.

We gave this wine a score of 5 out of 5