Blame it on the weather or wine nerdism, but I have spent the better half of the last month, quietly trying to understand what I like in a Rosé, ensuring that I will never ever, buy or order something I cringe at. Unlike a red or white wine, Rosé wines have baffled me for years. Every time I think I know what it is that makes me think a Rosé is kick ass, I fail when applying that ‘theory’ on the next purchase. I guess you can consider this post, and this paragraph, as my explanation for the bevy of Rosé posts you may see, starting with this one, Villa Maria Private Bin Rose 2016

Rosé Wine

One of the things that make Rosé difficult for me to master is that it could be made all over the world and from various varietals. So answering the question of ‘what type of rose wines do you like’ is never as simple as ‘what red wines do you prefer’. Now that  I think of it, this could be why I hate on Orange Wines. Orange wine is created in a similar fashion to Rosé and could itself come from different varietals. Rosé wines can range in colour, sweetness, and be still or sparkling, therefore adding more to the confusion. But as I say, every mystery has an answer and I will crack this one before summer’s end. If you want to read more on rose, you can check this post out and learn some fun pink factoids.

Villa Maria Private Bin Rose 2016

On colour, the Villa Maria Private Bin Rose 2016 holds an almost peach hue.  On the nose, floral hints, green apple, and melon are noted. On the palate, I was surprised by how dry this wine was in comparison to what the nose was telling me. With that said, it was quite lovely. Cherry, strawberry, mineral and subtle, but long tannins that make this a delightfully complex Rosé wine.

Villa Maria Private Bin Rose 2016 is a blend of mostly Pinot Noir, Arneis, and Merlot, and is made by Villa Maria Winery in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

On a side note… why is Central Otago Pinot Noir so hard to find, but I digress.

This wine retails at the LCBO for $17.95

We gave this wine a score of 4 out of 6