Electric Rose Wine Company is prepared to take millennials and the wine industry by storm, but will they? Their environmentally friendly drinking pouch comes filled with rosé and with it a handy-dandy straw for easy consumption. The company touts that their pouch wine chills faster than any can and can help you avoid the awkwardness of trying to open up that bottle with a corkscrew.

The rosé wine pouch is sold as a six-pack, roughly the equivalent of a bottle and a half of wine and as of today, can be found in six US states. While the website is thin on details about the winemaker or the grapes used, I was able to find out that the wine comes from Central Valley Chile. Needless to say, I am dying to find out who the winemaker is behind this.

If you are hating on Electric Rose Wine Companies pouch idea, you have to soften up a bit when you see that a portion of the proceeds of each wine pouch sold goes to Water 2 Wines, a charity focused on providing clean and sustainable water sources to as many people as possible.

Would you drink your rose out of a pouch?