It makes brie taste like candy!

I remember buying this wine for a family function (I think this was one of four that I bought). It was not opened at the end of the event and as such, I took it back. Yes, you read right. My family has a tendency to put ice and soft drinks in wine, and so to save this Don David Malbec Reserve, 2016 from a horrid family wine ritual, I took it back!  Nonetheless, I found it fitting for it to be the first wine that I start to article again on the Wine Hobbyist, and this time more for me as opposed for anyone else to read.  The Don David Malbec is fitting in the sense that it was an Argentina Malbec that got me giddy about wine in the first place. Don’t judge; the generalist $7 Malbecs was all I could afford at that time, and I for one, appreciate people finding the art/joy in wine, regardless of the price. 

El Esteco, the creators of the Don David Malbec, was founded in 1892, by French immigrants David and Salvador Michel. Its vineyards are in the Calchaquíes Valley, which is an elevated land mass that appears outside of a dessert. So imagine, rocky soil and tenuous conditions, making these vines work for their dinner – or maybe… my dinner.  I think the hardships these vines had to go through, plays a big part in their performance in the wine glass.

On colour, the Don David Malbec Reserve, 2016 holds a scarlet hue and is more ruby on the rim.  On the nose, green pepper, peppercorn, tobacco, and cherry are noted. On the palate, anise, cherry, strawberry, the hint of mineral, tempered tannins (largely because the 14% alcohol just seems to take over), a hint of acidity and wood at the back of the tongue are noticed.  

I paired this wine with spiced cured meats and brie, and it was a hit with both; meaning good for cultures where spice is king (Caribbean’s). Lastly, it must be mentioned that Don David Malbec Reserve, 2016 makes brie taste like candy. Nuff said!

Rating: 4/5