Our 5 Point Rating

Though I am not fond of rating systems and can sometimes find them suspect, I realized that without an objective scale,  there was no way for either you or I to keep track of which wines we absolutely loved, versus those we thought were just ‘so so’.

Our rating system uses a five point scale, to make it easy for you to understand the quality of a wine, according to our standards.  It’s the range of scale we’ve seen on tests and on surveys countless times. We’re really about keeping it simple!

Our Scale Explained

1 – represents a wine that we would not buy again. Poor showing on the part of the producer.

2 – represents a wine that could be classified as below table wine, in its most rudimentary sense. Those wines at a 2.5 or higher could sometimes pass for everyday lunch or dinner wines, but rarely.

3 – represents a decent wine and often times is an example of what I would choose to indulge in at casual dinners.  These wines are not bad, but lack some of the gracefulness in delivery that higher ranked wines present.

4 – represents a fantastic wine, appropriate for multiple occasions and even gifting.  These are the wines you get excited about opening, given the superb vintner dedication to the overall wine making process.

5 – represents a fine wine.  Price is not an indicator, but the colour, aroma, and mouthfeel are the only things that guide this rating.  A wine ranked a 5 is what you’ll find on my personal gift list!

Questions about our rating? Email me for discussion.